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Full Version: The Myth Of Cyber Monday
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The foundation of the term is unclear; probably a media f...

Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving and is often reported to-be the start of the online vacation shopping season or the largest online shopping day of the entire year, both of which are untrue. The idea purports that customers do a great deal of their real-world shopping on Black Friday (another myth regarding the Friday after Thanksgiving) and when they return to work on Monday, they begin their o-nline shopping.

The origin of the word is unclear; possibly a media fabrication in their attempt to produce a story where one didnt exist. Certain, more and more of our holiday shopping is moving online and there's definitely an online holiday shopping season, but as the press would love the start of the season is not as clearly defined. They already have a day and term, Black Friday, to describe the beginning of the vacation shopping season, so they should also have the same for the o-nline shopping season, right? In their pursuit of the story, the media developed Cyber Monday.

In reality, there's no day that kicks off the summer season. My mom found out about by browsing the Los Angeles Star-Tribune. Online shopping runs through of a week before Christmas and ramps up from-the middle/end of November. To get one more way of interpreting this, please consider checking out:

The Monday after Thanksgiving was practical and made more sense years ago when consumers didnt have high speed access to the internet in the home. The rational for this is that customers didnt want to store over a slow speed dial-up connection at home, so they waited until they can use their companies high speed connection. Given that many people have a high speed link, less sense is made by this rational. It is probably more likely that after a large Thanksgiving dinner, customers can get online and get a head-start on their online shopping instead of waiting until Monday if they have to get caught up on their work after the four-day lay-off.

The development in consumer behavior has been to help ease to the holiday shopping season. We are able to determine this with the look of holiday arrangements and product appearing earlier and earlier each year. Now you can find some Christmas dcor before Halloween in some shops. Dig up more on our partner web resource by clicking It wouldnt be there if people werent getting it. Exactly the same goes online as we can now find holiday dcor year-round online as we ease in to the holiday season.

That develops between one and a couple of weeks before Christmas as the majority of us procrastinate, waiting as long as possible, as far as the largest online shopping time goes. In our area stores, the largest shopping day is usually the last Saturday before Xmas. Our deadline for completing our shopping is the last day that we can have something delivered so that it comes before Christmas, of a week before. That deadline isnt that crucial either as we can often get a last minute gift card which is also prolonging the break shopping season as more of our shopping occurs after Xmas when we've these gift cards in hand.

Hopefully the press will recognize that Cyber Monday doesnt really exist and we wont be reading about it this year..