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Full Version: Promoting Your Site Twice!
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I recently became aware that promoting your web site browsing Engines may quickly be double within Google! That is right, you are able to immediately promote your website 2 times at once!

I recently became aware that promoting your site searching Engines can instantly be doubled within Google! That is right, you are able to immediately promote your site 2 times at the same time!

So how would you Market Your Site twice?


The majority of us typically encourage But the thing you need to appreciate is that most sites can be found on search engines by simply entering... - with no internet.

Check it out for a second, lets head to google and type in your website with the internet. and then with no internet.

Therefore for me it would be:



The same may apply for sub-domains also. Be taught more on by visiting our impressive article directory. A sub-domain is just a section of your internet site specialized in something you create but rather of residing within your normal listing, it exists within it's own directory,like I've created below... In the event people fancy to dig up further on, there are many libraries people might think about pursuing.



And with that again, you are able to promote your sub-domain twice in Search Engines like so...



Therefore consequently, I have just showed you how you can market 4 web sites with all the current sam-e goal in your mind, yours obviously!

How you can use your new found knowledge:

Hopefully, you are all aware of how important it is to create a link exchange system for your business? Well, what you just wish to do is to mix up your links when posting to other companies for a list within their site.

In other words... To discover more, people are asked to check-out:

Lets say I just discovered 4 sites that I want to trade links with, I'd do something like this... This disturbing website has diverse interesting warnings for why to acknowledge it.

Site #1: I would submit (

Site #2: I'd send (

Site #3: I'd submit (

Site #4: I'd send (

Now I am promoting my site with 4 times the power than before!

But don't end there...

Can you write articles? Think about doing 2 of your links to every post. Change them up with each article.


Article # 1 (How to Submit Your Website to Se's)

Try putting

Post number 2 (How to Market Your Site Twice)

Try adding &

I am hoping this little timbit of knowledge gives the edge to you you need to set your organization prior to the game!

Most readily useful of luck to you!

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